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What is a domain alias?

In the simplest way, a domain alias represents an additional domain name pointing to the same website. In addition, domain aliases enable you to assign different domain names to your main domain name.

An example of a domain alias

If your main domain name is and you choose to set up an alias , people who search for mypinkhouse and click on it will be automatically taken to your website with your main domain name  –


Remember: You have to register the domain name before you can add it as an alias. You can use our Free domain checker to find out if your domain is available.

The key benefits of using domain alias

The key benefit of domain aliases is that they allow you to pay for one website while being able to ‘point’ other domain names to it which means you are getting maximum value for your web hosting and any domains you own.

Effectively selected domain alias can help you:

  • increase your website traffic
  • generate leads and therefore improve your conversion rates
  • maximise your overall marketing efforts

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