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What is a domain name?

what is a domain name?A domain name is used in URL links to identify particular web pages. It’s a set of characters or words such as a company name, person’s name or any kind of name/words you choose.

For example we have chosen itcweb as our domain name to reflect our company name.

If you don’t have a domain name for your website you can still access it however you would have to type several numbers into the browser bar. The domain names are used for quicker navigation and access of websites.

The structure of a domain name

Before you chose and purchase your own domain name it’s good to know what a domain name is made up of.

In general, a domain name consists of 2 parts:

The structure of a domain name

Your chosen name

This part represents the name you have selected (In our example this is itcweb). It’s entirely up to you what names or words you chose as your domain name.

Domain extension

The second part of a domain name is called Top-level domain (TLD).  It’s a suffix, the last letters after the second full stop/dot in the URL.

There are many domain extensions available which can be further divided into 2 major groups:

Generic domain extensions

Generic domains are very popular and anyone can register a domain name with such extensions regardless of country, citizenship or age.

These can include:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info
  • .org

Country-code domain extensions

The country-code domain extension helps to specify the geographic location of your business which is an effective way to target your local audience.

These can include:

  • .uk – for the United Kingdom
  • .au – for Australia
  • .de – for Germany

However, each country has its own policy regarding to domain registration so you should check it before purchasing.

For UK companies: The top 2 domain extensions are .com and and either of them should be included in your primary domain name.

Top Tips how to choose your domain name


  • Chose a domain name that reflects the name of the company or the services you provide so it’s easy for customers and potential buyers to find you.


  • Select a domain extension that corresponds with your location or country where your target market is.


  • When registering a domain name always check the company you are buying from. It’s good to remember that domain names at cheap prices don’t have to be always the best solution for you.



Domain name registration & management from ITC

Here at ITC we offer professional domain name registration & management services.

We can help you to:

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You can also use our FREE Domain Name Checker to find out whether the domain you wish to register is available.

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