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What is Domain Parking and Domain Forwarding?

Domain Parking and Domain Forwarding service provides you with a basic temporary solution to your current domain name which you don’t use or you need it to point or be redirected somewhere else.

Domain Parking

Simply, domain parking refers to a registration of a domain name without the purpose of using it for email or a website. Therefore, if you have no website for your domain name or you’ve just registered it for security reasons then you can use Domain Parking.

ITC customers have the opportunity to park their domain names with us for free. In this case, we will display a standard web page informing that the domain name has been registered but it isn’t currently in use. The displayed message can be adjusted and can inform your potential customers that you’re working on the website.

Domain Forwarding

In the simplest way, domain forwarding service enables your domain name to be pointing to another website. This might be especially useful for those who have registered their domain names with one company but their websites are hosted by another company.

If you don’t know which of the solutions is the best for your domain name and website, don’t worry we can help.

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