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Why your Small Business needs to be on LinkedIn?

Why your Small Business needs to be on LinkedInYou were told that having company page on LinkedIn is good but you don’t know why? Here is the answer!

Let’s break down the numbers first.

  • 2 million – Over two million companies have their profiles on LinkedIn and this number is growing every day! Wow! This mean that LinkedIn is being consider as an alternative FREE search engine for company information. And you are not there!?
  • 135 millionIt’s large enough for business to be happening! LinkedIn has over 135 million (8 million from UK) members – professionals around the world!
  • 12 millionPartner up! There are over 12 million small-business people on LinkedIn! Remember – Joint ventures are beneficial to both parties!
  • 277%According the recent study by HubSpot, LinkedIn is  227% more effective in lead generation than Facebook and Twitter!

1. Target prospects through your connections

LinkedIn is a professional ‘meeting room’ uniquely designed for business networking. Therefore, it provides you and your business with an excellent opportunity to virtually meet and connect with decision-makers. You can target your audience and find the right people on the right place.

Why your Small Business needs to be on LinkedInCheck your connections to your prospects and get introduced through your network. Don’t miss the opportunity and conduct research on your potential prospects. You can narrow your search by:

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Relationship
  • Company size

Remember: This works both ways. Potential prospects may narrow their search too! This gives you the security of getting contacted by qualified prospect.

2. It’s time to show off each of your products

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to create landing page for every product or service you provide. Thus, you can make sure that every product or service stands out. Simply add a video, link to your website and an employee name for further contact and you will see the increase in your website traffic.

3. Recommendations = Referrals – > Leads

People buy from people, and in this case LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for generating new customers. You can ask your satisfied customers to provide a recommendation for your particular product or service and you will end up having kind words, photo and name attached to each recommendation. It’s very professional and trustworthy as the person who endorsed your product or service spent time writing it rather than just ‘Like’ it.

Still not convinced?! I asked Eve, LinkedIn Expert and one of the top 50 Social Media Power influencers why it’s important for Small Businesses to be on LinkedIn!

Why your Small Business needs to be on LinkedIn

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Why your Small Business needs to be on LinkedIn
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