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Will you benefit from Google Apps for Business?

Google Apps for Business is a cloud-based service offering major applications and tools such as email, documents and calendar sharing that a company needs for effective collaboration. The service is most suitable for start-ups and small businesses with up to 10 employees however there is no limit and many large companies benefit from using Google Apps.

Here at ITC we use Google Apps ourselves to run our shared calendar, and it’s one of the most useful services which we rely on as it provides us with easy access and instant updates to each other’s calendars.

Key features of Google Apps for Business

Customised Email

This is not a Gmail Account, you and your employees have a personalised email address at your Domain Name e.g.

The key benefits of using email from Google Apps:

  • Delegation of emails – It allows you to see each other’s email which might be particularly helpful while you are on holiday as your assistant can keep an eye on your emails
  • Google tagging – You can assign various tags to your emails to better differentiate them
  • Centralised Administration – You can create and manage user’s accounts from one place
  • Google Security – Your emails are protected with the latest software
  • Generous allowance – You’ll get 25GB of storage per user per month

Easy-to-use Shared Calendar

Calendar sharing application enables you to overlay and quickly view yours and your employees’ calendars in one place so you can easily schedule and manage meetings.

Shared Documents

With this feature you can upload or create any documents (e.g. spread sheets, presentations or word documents) and easily share them with your team. Every employee can access and edit the files from any location.


You can create simple internal site without any technical knowledge needed. Such site can act as major source of internal information for your employees.

Key benefits of Google Apps for Business:

  • No infrastructure cost – you don’t need to install any hardware or software or have your own server
  • A Cost-effective solution with easy-to-use applications and generous allowances
  • You can access your email, calendar, documents from anywhere in the world (any device with an internet connection)
  • Google Apps are supported on phones and tablets too – We can setup Google Apps on your iPhones, BlackBerries or any android phones as well as tablet.

 The investment:

Google Apps for Business is a very cost-effective solution especially for a small business as the investment is £3.25 + VAT per user per month and you’ll get 25GB of email storage per user per month.

We are in the process of becoming a Google Apps authorised re-seller and we’ve already helped to successfully setup Google Apps in many companies.

The reasons to buy from us

We will:

Configure new settings and migrate all your emails – no hassle for you
Manage DNS changes
Test everything before and after the migration
Reconfigure all of your devices so you can access your Google Apps account from any device you use such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and phones
Provide on-going support during and after the migration

If you would like to discuss the suitability of Google Apps for your business please get in touch and we’ll explain how your business can benefit from such service.

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