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Windows 10: Have you arranged your upgrade yet?

This month we have been doing Windows 10 upgrades for our customers.win10

Windows 10 will stop being free of 28th of July 2016 which is now approaching very quickly. Many of our customers are opting to upgrade their machines to Windows 10 whilst they can still obtain the license for free as a Windows 7 and Windows 8 user.

For more information see our previous blog posts: Windows 10: It is time! and Upgrading to Windows 10

So far we have upgraded around 30 PCs to Windows 10, we are quickly running out of time and available time slots are filling up  so to take advantage of your free copy of Windows 10 and our April/ May offer book now!


1 Year Anniversary Update for Windows 10

At the 1 year anniversary of the release of Windows 10 not only will Microsoft stop offering the operating system for free but there will also be a key update. Below we have laid out the feature that we think you will be most interested in.

1. Windows Hello: Biometric security for apps and Microsoft Edge

Windows Hello enables you to easily sign into your device with enterprise-grade security.

2. Redesigned Start menu

It all looks a little different but is designed with user in mind, it has made access to regularly used important applications much easier and clearer.win10update

3. Windows Ink for tablets

Windows Ink is an all-new experience, putting the power of Windows in the tip of your pen, enabling you to write on your device as you do on paper, creating sticky notes, drawing on a whiteboard, and easily sharing your analog thoughts in the digital world.

4. Media playback controls on the lock screen

Like on your mobile devices you will be able to control the media player with your screen locked.

5. Cortana Cross-Device features

If you have a Windows or Android phone you will be able to take advantage of the Cortana cross-device features. These include low battery notifications,  a find my phone feature, and map sharing across devices.


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