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Windows 10 is just around the corner!

On the 1st of June Microsoft announced that the highly anticipated Windows 10 Operating System will be hitting Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones on July 29th 2015.

If you can see the Windows icon as shown to the right in the bottom right hand corner of your screen then you are eligible to reserve a free upgrade to the new Windows operating system. 01-logo-tray-icons

What does this mean for me?

If you are currently running Windows 7 or 8/8.1 on any of your devices then for the first year of Windows 10 release you will be able to upgrade to the new Operating System without the need to pay for any new Operating System Software! This option will be available to you for a whole year after the release of Windows 10.


How do I reserve my Windows 10?


Why should I wait? Well firstly, the OS upgrade is a 3GB download. This means that it is going to take a considerable time to download and install this means you will not be able to work on your PC whilst it is being upgraded. Further, people with capped internet limits may end up running over and being charged extra by their ISPs.

Secondly, for the first 6 months at least the upgrade is bound to be a big buggy. Waiting for a little while could benefit your system and your productivity.

Finally and most importantly, upgrading your operating system isn’t as easy as Microsoft are making out with the release of Windows 10. In order to perform an operating system upgrade correctly it takes time, extensive back ups and experience. If you do not perform the upgrade properly then you will risk loosing valuable time and data.

If you would still like to go ahead.

If you would still like your system to upgrade automatically come the 29th July. Click the tray icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, select ‘reserve your free upgrade’ and then wait until the 29th July for your new Operating System to be installed.



Why Windows 10 could be the best Windows OS yet

  • Windows 10 will sync across all of your windows devices with ease.
    • If you happen to have several Windows devices then Windows 10 is the Operating system for you. It has been designed to be the most powerful cross platform Operating System yet allowing seamless integration and switching between any of your devices.
  • Goodbye Internet Explorer!
    • Everyone’s browser that they love to hate is finally going to be coming to an end and being replaced with a new, more powerful browser called ‘Microsoft Edge’ allowing you to browse the web like never before.
  • Built in Applications
    • As well as a plethora of new applications and features for you to try out and play around with, you will also get a copy of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint built into your version of Windows 10!
  • Performance Increasing
    • Now we aren’t saying that installing Windows 10 will suddenly kick new life into your 10 year old computer. However, building on the foundation that was Windows 8 you will see drastic performance improvements in the new Operating System allowing you to get on with your day even smoother!

Excluded Operating Systems

Although the upgrade is available for most Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users there are editions which are excluded: Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1

How can ITC help me?

For the benefit of all of our customers we have been trying out the Windows 10 technical preview and once the full Windows 10 is available we will be trailing and testing to make sure we can help you to upgrade but also to ensure that we can provide support.

We will also be offering to perform your system upgrades for you.

Would you like a free Windows 10 readiness check? Click here for more information!

Give us a call today for more information on Windows 10 and upgrading 023 8024 9820

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