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Windows 10: It is time!

As of 28th July 2016 Windows users will have to pay to upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system.

Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10.

But wait! Read on first…

After a great deal of trialing and testing we have found Windows 10 to be a reliable and elegant operating system with a look which is somewhereWindows 10 upgrade between Windows 7 and Windows 8; we like it and the feedback has been good. Having said this if you have spoken to any of the ITC Team or read any of our blog posts then you may have noticed that the general message about Windows 10 is something along the lines of “DON’T click the upgrade button it could ruin everything!”. This is still our advice.

We do recommend transitioning to Windows 10 but this is under the caveat that the machine is upgraded to Windows 10 by performing a fresh install.

So I want to do a fresh install – now what?

Suitability checklist

You will need to answer yes to all of the following to be suitable for a Windows 10 operating system upgrade

  1. Is your machine Wchecklistindows 7 or Windows 8/8.1?
  2. Is your hardware less than 2 years old?
  3. Is your hardware reliable?
  4. All specialist or industry software that you are using Windows 10 compliant?
  5. Does your machine have at least 4GB RAM and a Dual Core laptop or PC processor?



What if I don’t have these things?

Although you will be able to reserve your Windows 10 license from Microsoft the likelihood of an upgrade causing issues or not being worth the effort is increased greatly. You may want to consider replacing your current machine in favour of a new one instead. We provide all new laptops and PCs to customers preinstalled with Windows 10.

What does a fresh install involve?

See our blog post for more information.

Can you help me?

Of course! From 1st April – 31st May 2016 we are offering our customers a fixed price upgrade to Windows 10. See here for more information.


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