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Windows 10 – The Verdict

6 months on from the release of Windows 10 we are here to give you the verdict!


What do we think of it?

Windows 10 is a fantastic operating system. We have not found any business disrupting compatibility issues (other than Spotify?!), it looks nice and it works well.

Should I upgrade?

Absolutely not. At ITC we never upgrade an operating system. If you are using Windows 8.1 and want to upgrade to Windows 10 then what you get is Windows 18.1. Laying one operating system on top of another is a recipe for an unstable system which displays many issues. This is something that some of our customers have experienced in the last 6 months.

How do I get Windows 10 without upgrading?

If you would like to install Windows 10 on an existing machine then bring it to us! We will take a full backup of your machine, wipe it, install a fresh copy of Windows, reinstall all of your software and copy all of your files back.

Alternatively, you can wait until you are looking to replace your hardware. (Remember you should be thinking about replacing hardware every 3 years!)

Am I missing out if I don’t change to Windows 10?

After rigorous testing we can say that we think Windows 10 is great and some of us have got it on our home machines. However, if your worry is that you are missing out on something fantastic because you have not yet upgraded then do not fret; the truth is that you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference in your day to day life/ work. We recommend waiting until you are looking to buy a new laptop or PC where, when you purchase from us, we will ensure it comes with the latest version of Windows.

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