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Windows 10: What’s next?

This month the free upgrade to Windows 10 comes to an end.

So we want to discuss what the end of Windows 10 means for you!

Top 3 things you want to knowwindows 10

  • After 29th July 2016 you will have to pay for a copy of windows 10
  • A Windows 10 upgrade will cost £99.00 for the home version and £130.00 for the professional version
  • New machines will have Windows 10 preinstalled


Life after the free upgrade window

The first thing to note is that Microsoft has promised to stop pushing the upgrades so hard after the free upgrade period ends and will remove the ‘Get Windows 10’ alerts.

Existing Win 10 users won’t be affected by the end of the upgrade window. Microsoft will not start charging you after the July 29th deadline passes as long as your copy is activated.

What could happen… but don’t bet on it!

Microsoft might well offer a ‘last minute extension’ to the Windows 10 free upgrade just before or after the July 29th deadline. This would benefit people who were not aware of the deadline and may give a boost to the number of people on Windows 10 for Microsoft. However, this is just conjecture and so we would not advise relying on this.


Want to upgrade before 29th July 2016?

It is not too late to upgrade but if you would like to make the change to Win10 then it needs to happen soon. See our offer now! Fixed price managed upgrade

Email us now to discuss your upgrade


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