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Today your mobile devices need security software too!


Did you know that nowadays a smartphone or a tablet without protection puts you and your company at risk? No matter whether you’re using your smartphone to check your business social media account or go to online banking there’s always room for malware and hackers to steal your business or personal data and use it for their own benefit. What action should you take to respond to this danger?

If you’re using an Android we recommend ESET mobile security software to ensure your mobile devices are safe

ESET mobile security software stands out from the crowd as it guarantees the highest level of protection and at the same time it doesn’t slow your device down and preserves your battery life, similarly to our ITC Managed Antivirus Protection. Btw, are you sure you’re using Antivirus Software that protects sensitive data on your computer? Have a look here why our AV Protection is the best.

Other Key Benefits of ESET Mobile Security

Stops your personal information falling into the wrong hands – Monitor all incoming and outgoing communication to prevent hackers from stealing your personal data.

Eliminates text message Spam – Define trustworthy contacts via a customizable blacklist or whitelist, or simply block unwanted text and multimedia files from unknown numbers.

Call Intercept – Blocks unwanted incoming and outgoing calls.

Tracks your lost or stolen device! 

If anyone in your team uses mobile devices to access company email or information or you’d like to discuss the security implications of mobile access, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution:


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